Published correspondence, policy papers and reference documents

On the use of personal data from the National Pupil Database

Full briefing [download Briefing.pdf 2.6 mB] updated August 4, 2017

List of parliamentary questions on school census expansion and uses in 2016-17

On School Census expansion 2016-17 – Statutory Instrument 808/2016

Briefings on School census expansion incl. nationality data collection

Legislation and decision process on School census expansion to incl. nationality data collection 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the DfE and Home Office

  • version 1.0 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the DfE and Home Office, effective between between 18/12/15 and 06/10/2016 [download .pdf 538 kB]
  • version 2.1 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the DfE and Home Office, effective between since 07/10/2016 [download .pdf  539kB]

Education data and Legislation

May 2017 GDPR derogations DCMS consultation: [download .pdf 586 kB]

February 2017 The Digital Economy Bill: on opening up the Civil Registry and bulk data for policy reasons. Why pupil data is the wrong model to copy. [download .pdf  256 kB] 07/03/2016

February 2017 Three bills and education data: The Technical and Further Education Bill, Higher Education and Research Bill and Digital Economy Bill [download .pdf 121 kB]

On child health data linkage

Letter to NHS England Child Health Transformation Team, January 2017 [download .pdf 98.1kB]
NHS Newborn Blood Spot Screening Programme 2017-18 [defenddigitalme Response] .pdf 167kB

Consultation responses

January 2017:

National Citizen Service Bill committee stage response [download letter to committee .pdf 118 kB]

November 2016:

Technical and Further Education Bill committee stage response [defenddigitalme Response] .pdf 174kB

The Digital Economy Bill and proposed pupil premium Clause 19 amendment [defenddigitalme Response]

September 2016:

Higher Education and Research Bill committee stage response [defenddigitalme Response] .pdf 171kB

August 2016:

Children and the Internet: [defenddigitalme_Response] [HOL committee] .pdf 237 kB

April 2016:

Better Data in Government: Cabinet Office Consultation Response [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 262kb]

February 2016:

Keeping Children Safe in Education – Department for Education Consultation on
 Statutory Guidance September 2016 [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 121kb] specific to web monitoring proposals

December 2015:

The Big Data Dilemma: the Science and Technology Committee Enquiry [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 139 kb]
The Big Data Dilemma:  Enquiry publications  and Report 2015-16


External public correspondence

February 2017: reply from Ed Humpherson at the UK Statistics Authority [download]
January 2017
Letter to the Scrutiny Committee regards use of HMRC data for mailshots to 15-17 yr olds [download]
December 2016 Letter to the UK Statistics Authority
April 2016
Letter from the Director General for Regulation, the UK Statistics Authority


Data for Policy conference, Cambridge, September 2016: When the chips come out: Is our public research infrastructure fit for the future? .pdf 191kb]