Published correspondence, policy papers and reference documents

On School Census expansion 2016-17 – Statutory Instrument 808/2016

Latest briefing on the school census expansion incl. nationality data collection  [download Briefing.pdf 2.1 mB] updated March 6, 2017
Letter to the Lords Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee – SI 808/2016; school census expansion [letter .pdf 143kb]]
Government response to the SI 808/2016 letter [response .pdf 707kB]
Items 11-13 in the 8th Report [8th Committe Report of session 2016/17]
Our briefing for the Lords’ debate on October 31st. [since updated] [download .pdf  952kb see pages 8-15]
version 1.0 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the DfE and Home Office, effective between between 18/12/15 and 06/10/2016 [download .pdf 538 kB]
version 2.1 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the DfE and Home Office, effective between since 07/10/2016 [download .pdf  539kB]
Our letters to the Star Chamber Scrutiny Board [September 2016] [November 2016] [February 2017]

Legislation and education data

February 2017 The Digital Economy Bill: on opening up the Civil Registry and bulk data for policy reasons. Why pupil data is the wrong model to copy. [download .pdf  256 kB] 07/03/2016
February 2017: Three bills and education data: The Technical and Further Education Bill, Higher Education and Research Bill and Digital Economy Bill [download .pdf 121 kB]

On child health data linkage

Letter to NHS England Child Health Transformation Team, January 2017 [download .pdf 98.1kB]
NHS Newborn Blood Spot Screening Programme 2017-18 [defenddigitalme Response] .pdf 167kB

Consultation responses

January 2017:

National Citizen Service Bill committee stage response [download letter to committee .pdf 118 kB]

November 2016:

Technical and Further Education Bill committee stage response [defenddigitalme Response] .pdf 174kB

The Digital Economy Bill and proposed pupil premium Clause 19 amendment [defenddigitalme Response]

September 2016:

Higher Education and Research Bill committee stage response [defenddigitalme Response] .pdf 171kB

August 2016:

Children and the Internet: [defenddigitalme_Response] [HOL committee] .pdf 237 kB

April 2016:

Better Data in Government: Cabinet Office Consultation Response [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 262kb]

February 2016:

Keeping Children Safe in Education – Department for Education Consultation on
 Statutory Guidance September 2016 [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 121kb] specific to web monitoring proposals

December 2015:

The Big Data Dilemma: the Science and Technology Committee Enquiry [defenddigitalme Response .pdf 139 kb]
The Big Data Dilemma:  Enquiry publications  and Report 2015-16


External public correspondence

February 2017: reply from Ed Humpherson at the UK Statistics Authority [download]
January 2017
Letter to the Scrutiny Committee regards use of HMRC data for mailshots to 15-17 yr olds [download]
December 2016 Letter to the UK Statistics Authority
April 2016
Letter from the Director General for Regulation, the UK Statistics Authority


Data for Policy conference, Cambridge, September 2016: When the chips come out: Is our public research infrastructure fit for the future? .pdf 191kb]