Events at which we are speaking in 2017. Click on the event titles for more details.

January 14: London – Against Borders for Children
The ABC Campaign in Context: what you should know about school census

February 20: Bristol – Open Rights Group
The National Pupil Database and Digital Economy Bill

March 1: Manchester – Open Rights Group
Threats to your children’s confidentiality: National Pupil Database and school census

April 10: Liverpool – ATL Annual Conference 2017
Data and a new approach to accountability

May 9: Brighton – Open Rights Group [download audio .pdf]
Threats to your children’s confidentiality: National Pupil Database and school census

May 13: London – OpenTech 2017  [download presentation .pdf 6.3 MB]
23 million children’s records: School census

June 21: London – CognitionX 2017
The Impact of AI on Education. Specialist contributor breakout panel session

July 4-5: London – EEMA 2017
Privacy vs Identity – Opportunity and Challenges in Education and GDPR in England [download slides]

September 9: London – ResearchED 2017

School census: what you need to know

September 17: Bournemouth Liberal Democrat Party Conference Fringe
The state of data in 2017: what will the Data Protection Bill do for you?

September 24: Brighton Labour Party Conference Fringe (secure zone)
Shaping the Future State and Society: public services, technology and you

October 18: London – Westminster Higher Education Forum
Technology in Higher Education – MOOCs, data analytics and transforming the learning experience: The future for data analytics and HE

Reflecting on new legislation and policy in 2017. The possible ethical issues that could arise from recent developments in teaching and data analytics at UK universities, the importance of data protection and consent.

December 6-8: Berlin, OEB, Theme 2017: Learning Uncertainty
Data Protection, Privacy and Ethics in Education. Are We Ready for GDPR?

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