Who we are

defenddigitalme is a non-profit, non-partisan group led by parents and teachers with expertise in data privacy and data protection, freedom of information, biometrics, and child rights; supported by a network of further academics, advocates and campaigners.

We call for change in policy and practice at the Department for Education and improvement in children’s data privacy and digital rights in England, across the education sector and beyond, to make all children’s data safe, fair and transparent.

Jen Persson has been Director of defenddigitalme, coordinating the current work since 2015. She can be contacted directly by Direct Message on Twitter via @TheABB or the campaign @defenddigitalme.

The campaign has been funded by an annual grant from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd. since April 2017.

We welcome new supporters, just contact us here. We are happy to support questions from parents and pupils, and will direct you to others where we cannot advise you ourselves We do not offer legal advice.

defenddigitalme is registered as a non-profit company limited by guarantee with charitable objects at Companies House and voluntarily on the ICO register of data controllers.


The principles behind our work.

The objects of defenddigitalme are to carry out activities which benefit the community and in particular, without limitation, to maintain, promote and protect the human rights of the child as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically—

  • To work at national and international levels toward the provision of effective protections, law and standards for personal information privacy and consent in education
  • To monitor the nature, effectiveness and extent of measures to protect rights to personal information, privacy and consent in education
  • To conduct research about, raise awareness of, engage in advocacy for, and provide information regarding, rights, privacy, and consent.