Supporting us

The campaign was first awarded a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd. in April 2017 and was successful again in 2018.

However, every penny of our grant funds go into the campaign work and we are always stretched to do all we can and needs done. We welcome offers of support and donations. If you can donate, it will help us make a difference. Everything we receive will be spent in our work to protect children’s right to privacy and ensuring that children’s data in education across England is safe, fair and transparent.

If you would like to make a one-off or regular donation to defenddigitalme please use the button below. To make your payments fast and secure, we use PayPal.

If you want to make a contribution to defenddigitalme but do not wish to use PayPal or credit card, please contact us.

Thank you. By giving you will contribute directly to making a difference to upholding children’s rights in England through our campaign work.


What About Gift Aid?

Unlike some campaign groups, defenddigitalme is not structured as a charity. We are a company with charitable objects and aims. This means we cannot use Gift Aid to reclaim tax on donations. Our activities do not fall within the scope of the defined purposes that an organisation must meet in order to be considered a charity under UK law. For example, charities are subject to restrictions on the amount of time they can focus on political activity, and there are particularly strict restrictions during general election periods. But whatever you give, will be used only for campaign work.